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March 24, 2010


Megan Doreen

Thank you! That was a very cool tutorial!


I tried this technique once before and found that it was difficult to do on circular needles, because if the wraps go onto the cable part they tighten up and are hard to get back up onto the needle. Did you find this??


Thanks so much, I was trying to think of an easy but fancy stitch to use in a shawl for my mother-in-law and I think this may be just perfect.


always so fun to hear the voice of someone you have read for so long, really good audio and instructions, you could totally do a podcast! My thoughts are use lighter yarn! I think this is fantastic! I've been trying to upload a video for a stitch for one of my patterns for a year, this is reminding me to try to upload it again, it was 285 megs and youtube always craps out halfway through, bleh. I love how you did a SSK sort of way to swap the stitches up, I would have been a dork and put them on a cable needle, gah!


Wow, beautiful scarf and a fun video!


I agree with Pixie, it is fun to hear the voice of someone you read. Nice voice, nice tutorial and nice pattern. Thanks.

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

This is totally off topic, but you have beautiful hands. This video made me want to come over and paint your fingernails. I have short stumpy fingernails that don't grow well no matter how well I care for them. Yours are beautiful.

The video was very well explained. Thank you for taking the time!


Thanks! Easy to understand the switcheroo. Keep the videos coming.


no, I didn't find/don't find that the wraps tighten up on the circular's cable at all. I just try to keep my tension even and everything goes fine.

Kathi Jobson

Fantastic video for your first one and I love the technique you showed. You made it look really easy and thank you for showing the "throwing method". I'm fairly new to knitting, 6 months but I love love it and am knitting up a storm. Love your blog too, one of my favs that I check daily.


Wow! It looks totally do-able for me, a semi-beginner, and creates such a wonderful result. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks so much for the great video.


Great video! You're a very clear speaker, which is refreshing. Looking forward to more!

Linda Cannon

It is a great video and a lot easier than using a cable needle. I had the same problem as Donna did with a circular cable needle, so you where they tighten when they get on the cable. You may want to warn people about that.. I have your book and love your instructions, you do a wonderful job.


Love the video! I'm very excited about the prospect of taking an online class from you!


I was told that viddler.com is a good substitute for youtube.


Love, love, love the video! Please make more! Thanks so much,


Thanks for the video. I think I'll give this technique a try as it looks like fun and the results are stunning.


Wendy, what kind of needles are those? they look gold!


They ARE gold...(plated). Addi Turbo Lace Needles...


First and formost I learned a new stich! You did a wonderful job! Yes you do have a beautiful voice (no surprise) to go along with the rest of the beauiful you! Thanks so much you amaze me and have kept me enterained and smileing with this blog!!! I Love it!! Marion


Great video ! Hope you have online classes soon !


You have done a wonderful job "teaching"! Your voice is beautiful and the instructions are very clear. Thanks so much for sharing more of yourself.


You did great on your first video. Your voice is lovely, your manner is upbeat and personal, and you explained and demonstrated just what needed to be explained. Also, you made it look like fun!

You're a natural! Or maybe you've practiced a lot. Doesn't matter.

The camera work wasn't really that bad after the first shot. A wider angle camera will make it perfect.

What's your next subject?


Hmmm, don't know. This one was done within hours after receiving my camera, sort of on the fly. I'm thinking of other subjects and want to build a library "of sorts" of different and fun techniques, patterns and general knitting ideas.

First, though, we need to fix the focus issue.


Great video and love this pattern. I'm 2/3 through the scarf and found the stitch tons of fun. The first row of the pattern I was a bit confused and thought this is a lot of stitches to frog if I get it wrong but I had success and was so happy! I'm using a lighter weight yarn and will post pics to ravelry soon!

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