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February 06, 2010


(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Oh great. Now I can't wait 'til you find out what happened!

Mott @ The Courtyard Gate

Please, keep up posted! You are hilarious! Kind of reminds me of Agnes on Bewitched or was it Gladys? I always get the name confused.


Oh, man, I am a bad neighbor-spy, a total freak. We don't know our neighbors across the street at all, but we noticed a truck delivering baby furniture and now I'm peeking through the blinds at their house all the time. My husband thinks I'm a weirdo because I have practically daily reports - "they got a hand-addressed package, must be a relative sending them baby stuff" or "They got a Graco car seat, I saw the box when UPS dropped it off" or "I finally saw her in the driveway, she looks like she must be at least 7 months along." I think it doesn't help that in the neighborhood, they are the closest to us in terms of age, etc, but they were always so standoffish we never could connect, and now we're hoping that once they have a kid too we can all be besties, commiserating over the shared experience.

Either way, I find myself watching at the window way too often to be productive.


PFA is the yummiest yarn for a shawlette. You look fabulous!


This is one of your funniest posts ever! :)


please don't take this as snarky, esp since i'm a super-lurker. but... did you really mean waiting for goudeau? like, the baseline killer? 'cause that would be creepy and i would fear for your life. i'm really hoping you meant you felt like vladimir and/or estragon and there are carrots involved (godot). either situation, i suppose, would be equally depressing.


Love the slice of life. Also, I can understand why you're riveted, though I personally find the Italians the most fascinating, despite their lack of cop cars. Oh those white robes (and I remember the tale of the incredibly dashing unintentional housebreakers).


Love the red simple things! It's lovely.

Here in the 'hood (Bronx), everybody is all up in each others' business, and you can hide nothing. Like the time that our dumba$$ neighbor kid across the street shot himself in the eyebrow and tried to pass it off to the cops like somebody had pulled a gun on him. That story lasted about, say, 30 seconds, before everybody was leaning out their windows and laughing...


What a fabulous tale of intrigue!! The shawlette does lend itself to the sunglasses, and you know of course that we are all waiting with bated breath for the next installment....


Oh, no....meant GODOT!

Not that other thing, which I will definitely research.

I studied English in college (a long time ago, and remember Beckett's Godot, thing, but not the spelling, obviously. Please don't worry)

Darcy Watts

Your shawl is very pretty and the pattern is very addicting;)Hugs Darcy

Julia in KW

I am reminded of Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched! :) (I am sometimes Gladys Kravitz in my neighbourhood, too! It's so interesting the way some people have lives and others enjoy watching them!) Very pretty shawlette, too!


Sherlock, you are too funny


that was hysterical.


Too funny - can't wait to see what transpires.....are you going to get online to the police reports and see if you can find out?

BTW...remember girlfriend's spa party a few years ago that caused all the ruckus in your comments section? Check out my blog...someone anonymous posted a snarky comment. I can't fathom a knitting blog causing controversy.....it's kinda like you couldn't imagine why 3 cop cars would be on your block.


LOL it's the Burbs! Maybe you should move your office to the front porch so you don't miss anything. Here in our hood we set up
'camp' in our front yards to gawk at the unsociable neighbors, those that zoom into their garages without speaking or never come out when a cop car or ambulance shows up. Who do they think they are? So if we notice patterns that are void of lace and cables we'll know you are busy keeping the neighborhood watch.

Maybe we should have jackets made with "Kravitz Klub" on the back, for all us hood gawkers.


haha....this is my new "hobby" too on my off days....

Nancy J

Crazy !! Love it. Having no visible neighbors I equate your observations to my wondering what the dog is doing while I am at work (and the cat.


Everyone else's life is always more interesting than your own, huh? Thanks for letting us "lurk" on yours.


I loved this post! :D


I love your posts, especially this one. We have a couple things in common. One is old re-runs of Bev Hills 90210, people watching out the window, and most recently doing everything but what I should be doing. I should be studying the Skeletal System because after 20 years, I have decided to go back to school. Problem is, I am wondering if I have enough time to knit the sweater I am making for my son, go for a walk, or should I read my favorite blogs. None of these includes studying the 206 bones of the body. Love the new shawl.


Ha ha, you might consider tuning in to your local police scanner...that always comforts me when I am feeling the "need to know"...and then you can look up all of the code numbers for the reports they make...have fun!


Ah, Wendy, those photos match SO VERY WELL the hilarious tone of your report of the sketchy goings on over your way!! Where on EARTH did you dig up a meerschaum??? Glad you could find humor in the situation: it sounds quite unpleasant for the neighborhood.


The pipe is from my grandfather's collection. The one who sculpted a lot of nudes.


My husband also looks at me funny...and usually ends up turning off one of the TVs. Such a drag. Your shawlette is beautiful and the color is great as I mentioned before.

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