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August 06, 2009


Yakira Heistand

I absolutely love that ripple stitch. I made a top for Rachel using three repeats of the ripples on the front chest and one repeat on the sleeve caps. I used DK weight yarn and it ate up yardage like mad. It was one of my first attempts at making up my own pattern. Now you got me thinking again Wendy. Thanks.


I really hope we see a pattern for that cap soon! I haven't been inspired by anything lately, but I do love this.


Love it, Wendy! Can't wait for the pattern!


I love this cap, and know i would wear it. When will the pattern be available??


i have some pagewood farm yarn, so will give this a try, as to the real housewives of atlanta- i'm from atlanta, born and raised, and these women are NOT what the typically atlanta woman is like-the one's that are at the high class "gentlemen" clubs yes, but a real 'hotlanta georgia peach-no, btw i love your blog and patterns, finally someone who will give me a design that will fit my chest that's the size of a 12 year old, while the rest of me is 40. keep it coming


I so love this and love reading everyone one of your posts. I have the perfect yarn for this :)


LOVE how the hat turned out......


Pagewood Farms is wonderful yarn--I've used it for socks and scarves. Looks like I'll be making a hat now! Can't wait to see this baby modeled on a real live head.


Good tip! I am a recent convert to the joys of blocking, and for the longest time, I didn't quite believe the good it could do. Boy, was I wrong!


Another beautiful pattern! The Fetching pattern is known for being a knuckle biter, in terms of yardage, and it's phenomenally popular.

For the worsted version, the cure to running out of yarn is to knit extra fast :) You know, somehow this means that the yarn won't disappear.


I love the knitting theory of knitting faster so yarn won't run out. That is like my theory of driving faster so you won't run out of gas...or at least you will be farther along on your trip and closer to a gas station.
Love your patterns and can't wait for this hat pattern to come out.


Well, you've got me so engrossed in the ongoing sturm und drang of the design development of this cap that I must, I simply MUST, see it atop a human head...please!!


knitting faster so yarn won't run out... GAWD, that cracks me up.

As for the "real housewives" - I was so sanctimonious ("how could anyone watch that tripe and twaddle?!") until I got *SUCKED IN* by the RHofNJ. And busted by the WeeMonkeyGurl for watching "Kendra". :) Yes, I am evolved.


Love the hat! Probably one of my favorites that I've seen so far. And since it fits ladies with chests of all sizes, this more-flat-than-bossomy girl can't wait to try it out. ;)


my purled beret never puckered at the top. I blocked it though.


Gorgeous, can't wait for the pattern!


OK, this is freakish weird, I just finished a cap and was thinking to myself = "I wonder how or if you're supposed to block a cap?" I sit down at the computer, read your blog and viola, I have the answer. Thanks Wendy

Your cap is beautiful. Hope you have the pattern ready soon.


love your blog ~ ALWAYS good for a chuckle ;)

Kim (no relation to blondie on HW)

I'm a long time lurker who is stepping up to say oh my gosh - blondie and Sheree both have new upper body parts? HW is trash - addictive and I watch it religiously.

Thanks for sharing...I also love the cap.

elizabeth m

It's amazing what a nice blocking will do for a hat. I usually get the hat wet, then drape over an inverted mixing bowl with fairly straight sides. The bowl is inverted over something taller. The weight of the wet wool smooths out all kinds of bumps around the center of the top.

For beret styles, I block over a dinner plate.


I also prefer the look of a hat after blocking, but never thought of using a balloon. I usually just use one of my bowls that is vaguely head shaped.


oooh yes! The Atlanta girls! You know, we just had season one over here - the reunion was a HOOT! Season 2 of NY just started, but they are just a bit boring after Atlanta! =)

Kathy Kathy Kathy

I like that beret a lot. I would like to knit it. I have some yarn that finally knows its goal. Thank goodness I can wait for the pattern. I have just too many things started to try it now. But I wouldn't be surprised if the cast on number would be the same or similar to the purl beret. Excuse me, gotta go, bizy.

Kathy Kathy Kathy

Dead wrong.
I see now that the purled beret uses a whole different weight of yarn. I suppose I could work on the sock weight beret I started last summer, or the vest I started yesterday, or the 2 pairs of socks that I am serious about right now, or the rainbow blanket, or well, gotta go, bizy.

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