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May 31, 2009


Jen M

I love reading your blog. You crack me up.


Well, that one photo just says it all! Your husband is a great photographer.

Jane in NC

Ha, ha, ha, ha....you are still pretty!


That's a hoot! You are too funny :)

Jennifer - Liscat

Geez.....You are one smokin hot knitwear designer and author. Well you the hottest one I know (the only one I know but whatever) Honestly you always look totally great when I see you; just like the first picture. Now I sure wish I had been at the party from the second picture because that looked way more my style.....keep it up cuz you make my day!!!!!


I know what you mean about the one-sided conversation with someone who doesn't hear well. My 92 year old grandfather lives with us during the summer and he does about a million things to make my mother constantly crazy. The first thing he said to me when he came back was:

"Oh, you're looking a bit rounder - did you gain weight?" And no, I did not gain weight.

Included, but not limited to, his wonderful habit of sleeping (and snoring) during television, waking up, and saying something random he's just noticed about the program, so that we might not notice he's been asleep for the past ten minutes. For instance, we've been renting The Tudors, and it ended while he was sleeping, and when he woke up, Sandlot was on, and here's what he says:

"Oh, good, baseball! They did love that, then!"

You've a reader who knows what you're doing. Hang in there, lady!


Fabulous, dahling.

BTW: your book was mentioned on the podcast "Ready, set, knit" (The May 22 episode). They were discussing a top-down sleeve and your book was discussed/recommended.


You are just too funny! =)


You....are....hilarious......I think you look absolutely fabulous, no matter what! (I wish I had my own on-site photographer, but that's another story....)


Well I think your just a lady with many faces. I envy you! After reading all this time I can see you must be a very entertaining person and tons of fun!!! Beautiful to boot! You have it all!!!! Huggs Marion


You look hot in the second picture. Kudos to your husband.


Hello Patsy, sweetie darling sweetie. Is that LaCroix?


Csn I tell you how very sexy that 2nd picture is. I love the comparison of the two. Daughter just spied the bolero....adding that to que.


you are hilarious.


I think you're beautiful in both, but I'm glad you show side A more than side B. Only because side B makes me a little nervous. Maybe because I think you look too cool for me on side B.
HWWV's uncle sounds appreciative. That's nice.


Ha ha! I was trying to go for sleezy on the second pic, not sexy!


I wish my husband was a professional photographer or at least a decent one. The last time I let him take my picture was after I had our second baby. For some reason he took the photos at a slightly upward angle. It was cruel I tell you, CRUEL!


Kinda like pose #2 alot better! lol


Love the 2nd shot! Hope that's how we'll see you on saturday!

Clumsy Knitter

LOL My grandma once spent an entire Christmas holiday insisting that I wasn't who I said I was (her granddaughter, of course) because "She used to be so pretty!" Not exactly what a teenager wants to hear. :-P


Love ya, Wendy, and come to that, I love the way your husband catches you and the rest of the family, too (thinking of pool pix and shots from the house purchase made by your sister).
Hoisting a bottle myself, to salute your promo of a yarn well-suited to SoCA weather. Must. try. that yogini bolero: just yesterday I was looking on Ravelry for a linen pattern that isn't a bag or table runner, :). THANKS!
BTW, where in tarnation did you find that stogie prop????!!!


my husband smokes cigars on Sundays, so I took it from him.


ha! love that second picture. my friend elspeth (http://wrypunster.typepad.com/) is also a knitter, and just got engaged to a professional photographer as well. i guess since every knitter's significant other is inevitably pressed into service as a photographer, it helps keep the relationship harmonious if that person actually enjoys it & produces good results!


Oh so funny. It's like looking at who I hope to be when I grow up, just switch out the Jack for Makers.


You went from Sandy to Rizzo in one frame!!

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