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March 19, 2009



Wait! I'm a knitter and I want to see the finished weaving! Please do share!!


Oh man, I have vivid nightmares that leave me with such an adrenaline rush that I can't go back to sleep for hours.

About a year ago, I started waking up from dreams still feeling tactile sensations -- fine if you were just playing on the beach on a nice warm day, horrible if someone just attacked you from behind by putting their hands around your neck. Hope I didn't just cause any lost sleep with that last image.


Oh, so right there with you on the sleep deprivation! DH is also into this snoring jag due to nasal drainage and his preferred sleeping position is facing me. I.am.so.tired. I've even moved into the other room, closing his door and mine and I still hear him :( Hope your situation resolved very soon..


Your neighbor is full of crap. My ex-husband was rail thin and he snored so loudly that he woke the neighbors! Whereas, fat me does not snore. And like the I told my ex, the drugs make me sleepy not deaf.

Signed, Sleep Deprived JudithNYC, this time it's the neighbor's dogs--barked all day two days in a row, woke me up at 6 am today. Can you tell I have gone off the deep end?

PS I like your weaving. Please show and tell.


I didn't sleep more than three hours a night for many years. Then we bought a sleep number bed and turned our bedroom into a hibernation chamber. DH snores, neighbor's dogs bark, the guy across the street revs the engine of his high-powered sports car. I sleep. Can't NOT sleep. It's amazing. Hope your sleep situation gets better!!


Sleep number bed. Rocks. Since there are two airbags, there is no transference.

Get custom earplugs, not OTC ones. Seriously, HUGE difference in how much noise they block out.

I wish I had something for your night terrors. I can't imagine not getting a solid, restful night's sleep night after night. Perhaps some lavender in the room would help.

Steph VW

My BIL is an ENT surgeon. Quite a few years ago, he operated on a man who snored so much that his wife was on the verge of a breakdown. After the surgery, my BIL received a thank you note, stating that he had saved their marriage... and offering him a HUGE discount at the former-snorer's carpet & flooring store. I can't help wondering just how loudly that man must have snored.


But some of us knitters love to see the weaving ;)

Sorry about the sleep deprivation. I get pretty grumpy when I haven't slept well. Here's hoping HWWV is back to his old self soon.


I sleep on the couch when my sweetie is shaking the bed. Oh I am so there in understanding how that works!


My DH snored so loudly that the whole house would wake up. Doctor visits, new pillows, nothing worked. I finally told myself that I would much rather have snoring next to me than not have the usually wonderful husband and I started sleeping again. Then, suddenly, it stopped. No more snoring. No reason! Am working on one of your patterns and will post. Dawna should step to the left a little so we don't see her toilet ;>)


I feel your pain. My husband is a snorer and cannot hear well. So earplugs simply made me nervous that I'd sleep through the smoke alarm so I lay awake all night staring at it in case it went off. I know it doesn't make sense but nothing does when you need sleep. Good luck.


have the knitters been protesting? i, for one, have been enjoying your woven objects & have been developing loom-envy!

(hi, by the way; i don't think i've introduced myself yet, but i started reading shortly after buying your lovely new book!)


Ah, I'm a female and I snore so.....here's a solution.
Hwwh or who ever probably has sleep apenia. It can kill you! The doctor my husband to never, never, never let me sleep on my back or I'd stop breathing.
Send this person to a sleep center for the night and to be fitted with a c-pap.
You'll sleep much better for 2 reasons, knowing that it works and knowing that your loved one isn't going to die while sleeping.


I don't think he has sleep apnea. He just snores when he has a bad cold...


Please pay close attention to his breathing at night. As a sleep tech, I know snoring can be secondary to obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially life threatening condition. Good luck.


he has a cold!


Since he only has a cold...MY buttinsky contribution (not that you asked!!) would be to use a neti pot. Simple, straightforward approach to sinus blockage, costing next to nothing. I'm glad I finally learned how to spend five minutes or less to clear my sinus passages. Yeah, sleep apnea is bad (I have it) but when you simply snore while having blocked nasal passages...that isn't the same problem. LOVE your blog, Wendy, to say nothing of the new weaving!

Barbara Winters

Wendy I love your weaving! Keep it coming. My mom started weaving a couple of years ago and had made us all some beautiful pieces -- scarves, table runners, you name it. And if you need a new idea, she made my daughter a really cool guitar strap that she loves!! She's the only teenager she knows with a fancy guitar strap made by her own grandma! So if you know any musicians...


Sleep number beds are great for sleeping with a snorer. Also, I would love to see some weaving! That last scarf was almost enough to entice me to purchase a loom with my tax refund check : )


Poor HWWV. Hope he feels better soon and you get some sleep.


We go caravanning a lot and have discovered the following because you cannot always level your caravan properly: when our heads were higher than our feet, we had no nightmares! When it was the other way around, both of us had very bad dreams.
So when we came home, my husband fixed our bed straightaway so that our heads were a few centimetres higher than our feet.
After a few years my nightmares returned with a vengeance with very high blood pressure (over 200) and heartbeat (over 90). This time it turned out to be an allergy for dustmites! Now I am on anti-histamine and nightmares are a thing of the past again. I also vacuum my mattress regularly and use special covers for my pillows.
I hope this might help you and perhaps other people as well.

A Dutch knitter


I'm a knitter and I'd love to see more of your weaving. Also a question. What is the difference between the knitter's loom and a regular loom.


The knitter's loom is basically the same as a rigid "regular" loom, except that it folds in half so you can take it with you to whatever place you are going.

It is also being called a "knitter's" loom pretty much because it is being marketed directly to knitters who have a stash. You can use yarn with a regular, rigid loom, too, but the marketers are directing ads to knitters for this particular loom.

Thus, the Knitter's Loom. (And I'm loving it.)


Once my husband and I admitted to other couples that we sleep in separate rooms because we BOTH snore, we found out we're hardly the only ones. It seems to be a well-kept secret--though it's hardly shameful. I recommend it highly. It saved our marriage.

Diane in Northern CA

My LYS has a Knitter's Loom on display and recently had it in their booth at Stitches West for demonstration. I see one of these looms in my future, too. Please share photos of your weaving projects.

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