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February 02, 2009



Take it easy on the hip. You can't start out where you were. Go less distance and see how it feels. If your hip feels ok then next day add a little bit more.

You are the 2nd person to write about this book. I've got to get it!


What a inspiring post! I'm glad Rocko is happier...that face is too cute to be sad all the time. :)

Jen M

Hang in there, Wendy.

The bread looks delicious! I love pumpernickel.


Poor Rocko. Sending him doggy courage. We have a rescue dog who is inordinately attached to a particular toy, heaven help us all if it's ever lost.


Well, just try again. You'll find a way to walk the way that fits you...
Thanks for the link - think I'm gonna buy that book, too. I've been making home-made bread for many years now, but I always intend to learn more about it ;-)
Regards from Switzerland,


Life is like a roller coaster. There seems to be alot of downs but there are ups just when we dont expect them. I'm sad to say that getting older is not fun always. We have to keep going and seems you push yourself and that is a good thing. Hang in there we are all with you in spirit! I would love it if you would read this book "The Shack" by William P Young. It changed my life and may yours and if nothng else its a very good read! Ok enough of my so called wisdom. God Bless and loads of huggs Marion


mmmm, homemade bread. Makes the falling down and anxious dog all worth it.


I'm a huge believer in doggie prozac! My dad - a vet - gave it to my rescue dog 10 years ago because of extreem seperation anxiety. (He was also curious because it had just been approved and he wanted to see how it worked.) Within a few months her weird/crazy behaviors stopped, and she's been the best of dogs every since!

Good luck with yours!


Hmm I might have to get me a copy of that there book.

LeighB in ATL

That book and that recipe rocks. I have a batch of dough in the fridge right now.


I have a wire-haired doxie, too. I got her a wire pen and that's what I leave her in when I go, so she's not stuck in her crate and can get up and stretch a bit, but she's not able to roam the house eating the carpet. Her crate fits in the pen, so we have the best of both worlds there. She also loves to chew on things; she got sick from rawhide, but does well with the smoked pork hide rolls. I think they really take the edge off for her. I recently started taking her to daycare once a week (I work, and it's too cold to take her outside to play right now) and that's helped a lot, too.

I love seeing the pictures of Rocko; he's adorable and reminds me of my Sadie. You don't see a lot of wires out there.


I MUST get my butt in gear and try out the book. I bought it last week and got the stone this weekend... no more excuses!


You are awesome, Wendy! Sometimes you write what is in my head & it freaks me out, but in a good way.

Your bread looks nummy, I have yet to start anything from it, but I do have the book. My goal is to make some pizza dough.


I hope Rocko is okay. :) He is sooooo cute. My westie is somewhat crazy, too. Breaks my heart. Hope you guys can find a way through it.


Well, Panda has been on clomicalm for several years for her anxiety and I can honestly say that the combination of the meds and maturity have leveled her out a lot. She didn't drool like that at home alone, but when we used to take her out of the house, she would drool and shake in fear. People would gasp when they saw her.

She still doesn't love being pet by strangers, but she will walk up and sniff and she doesn't generally have her tail tucked in anymore.

I'm sure Rocko will find his comfort zone.

Chelsea the Yarngeek

My Chloe has terrible separation anxiety and we've worked for nearly 4 years with her on it. She does much better these days, but we still have to follow a routine.

Isn't that a fabulous book? I've already gained 3lbs just from a weekend of bread making...


Congrats on getting out there....the biggest part of the battle is behind you!

Sorry about Rocko......I hope he cheers up soon. He's lucky to have you!


What an inspiring piece! Because I'm secretly Jack Bauer. Only better.


That's the best bread book ever!! I love it!


Wow, I'm so glad you made pumpernickle bread. For a few minutes there, reading about your dog and trying to pair it with that picture, I'm just saying, am I the only one who was worried!?!


Seriously, once I was sure what it was, the bread looked delicious!


No, Astoria, you are not the only one here with a dirty, dirty mind! :)


My rescue Bichon would whine and cry while I was STILL HOME. Vet put him on meds and year later asked me when "I" planned to take him off the meds. What? Never, why? Well eventually they will kill his liver. Maybe a mention about that a year ago? Answer was rescue Beagle. No meds, all better. Until the HOA discovers I'm a dog over the limit. It's been 7 years. Maybe we'll skate.

francine ferrara

i have secret lives too. i am a dancer, a marathon runner, a black belt. and, after reading your post - i will think of these lives as gifts, not events in my life where i missed the mark. thank you.


I feel for ya. I sing like Trisha Yearwood in the car. Unfortunatley, only in the car. Rocko I've got my fingers crossed for you buddy. He's made it to heaven and I know he's going to be okay.


I seem to forget that I am not as strong as I used to be nor do I have the energy. I am hoping I can fake it until I make it. ;)

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