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January 10, 2009



Okay, I think I love him too. I mean, not in the way that you love him, obviously, but that's the best response one could possibly imagine.


Aww, that's adorable.


OMG, I've kept this little crazy to myself - the search for the "best as the first" peanut, chip,cracker. And I thought I was the *only* one. Perhaps I should tell my husband and see what I learn from him!


How sweet!
Now I have a craving for peanuts...


HWWWV is a riot. I'm in love with boiled peanuts too.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

What Lizbon said - now I think I love your husband too. That was hilarious. Not much can make me laugh early on a Sunday, pre-caffeine, but that one did.


What a fabulous husband. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got a good one :)

Jen M

Priceless. :-)


The trick--since peanuts come in pairs--is to save the second half of that first perfect peanut so that, when you're starting to think that maybe you've had enough peanuts and it's time to stop, you can finish with the rest of that first, perfect peanut ... no matter how many other "perfect" ones are in the bag!


As long as that's a food and not some skanky stripper, all is right with the world.


Ha! Best response ever.

sue Treiber

hee hee that is funny!


That was funny! I love it. :)


That was perfect. He's a total keeper.


That's a great story!


So true -I secretly crave Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheetos (the rest of my family despises them).

Enjoy Santa Barbara. My daughter is attending UCSB. What a gorgeous place!


Ha. That's a pretty shady secret your man has been hidin' from ya! :D


So true! Guess what mine is... See's dark chocolate. Maybe a bit more dangerous than those peanuts or pistachios.


I totally understand! I love peanuts, but I've had to give them up as my youngest is allergic. OMG, it is so hard to not have any!




My Hubby has a thing for those cheetos too, and they were gone for a couple weeks when they introduced the jalepeno ones, and he was very sad.

I am like you with Pecans...


my daughter and i love, love, love flamin' hot crunchy cheetos. she, at 16, gets to eat them all she wants; me, at much older, doesn't because of the waist thing! take care.


Mmmm. Flamin hot cheetos sounds wonderful. I will have to look for them at the grocery store next time.


Ha! That is too hilarious! I wonder if those cheetos come in big bags, cuz it's so sad how fast one can eat through one of the little bags. Then you two could sit side by side and be a pair of fools...


What a sweet story! HWWV seems like a pretty awesome guy.

My problem with peanuts is that they are deadly to my fiance. At least I can eat PB & banana sandwiches at work. (Maybe Melanie who commented about a similar allergy problem can do this too?)

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