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January 05, 2009



A friend of mine introduced me to a little game called "bluetooth or crazy". Next time you see someone alone just chatting away, give it a try.


Does everyone talking on their phones create a cacophony in the gym? Although I guess it would be good to chat, since then you know you're breathing right. :) Those mitts look cozy!


I got a bluetooth and my coworkers thought I was nutso as I was walking into the office while talking to my son. I think it is better than people listening to headphones trying to sing along but shouldn't be allowed to sing in the privacy of their own shower!

elizabeth m

I'm glad to hear you're doing well enough for the gym! That's great news.

I love the wristwarmer. I've always been a skeptic, but I'm almost there. We're keeping our thermostat 2 degrees colder this winter and the room where my computer is is the coldest one in our house. Suddenly, I'm seeing the appeal.


The idea of people talking on the phone while working out in the gym cracks me up. Yay for going back to the gym! I was right there with you...but ours was nice and quiet.


I love the fingerless mitts - here where it's actually cold, we just buy the cheap Walgreens gloves to put under - then you can change colors with your mood.

As for cellphones at the gym, driving, etc? Nobody's THAT important they can't wait two seconds. But I've always had a bug in my ass about that particular issue.

I'm always thinking the hands free people look like the Borg.


Love the fingerless gloves. I've been out of my arm cast since before Thanksgiving. Still getting the 3 questions:
What happened to your hand/arm "I broke it"
Why isn't it in a cast/ "It's healed"
Are you going to physical therapy/ "Yes"

I figure if my coworker can wear a 'arthritis brace', I can wear a fingerless glove. I've been wearing a long-sleeved sweater so people don't notice my wrist/arm.

I'm on vacation this week...and have to visit the orthopedis PA in an hour. OH WELL.

Still can't hold a knitting needle in my left BUT I really want to.



Love the wristwarmers. Hope you are doing well with the hip and all.

Our power company has told us to expect higher rates for the winter so ... I EXPECT to be wearing fingerless gloves for a while.

Darn snow...here in the Pacific NW.


Yea for the gym I miss it! The fingerless and from what I can see thumbless too mitts are devine you did a wonderful job. Not that there was a dought in my mind. (ok yes I need spell check here) I love doing socks, gloves, mitts, ect, but then I moved from scarves to socks when I had only been knitting for a short time. Seems no one told me they were for more advanced knitters. LOL Huggs Marion


I too love fingerless mitts, I did a pair during christmas in tonilita and just bought some noro for another pair, they are awesome for walking the dog at night( or day).
Gotta love the gym in the new year, crazy place .
Why do people need to always have their silly phone with them especially while they are working out. Had a phone go off in spinning class and he stopped and answered it . Nice


I can't wait until restaurants or other places ban cell phones (not that anyone would adhere to the rules)


Congratulations on your first day back at the gym. I look forward to hearing about the characters there (lady who does the splits? crazy dude?). But I just knit up some fingerless mitts for myself in a multicolored Manos, and they kept my hands happy for some cold nights out! And school drop off time! Did you know you can still knit wearing them? That's what I like best about them.


I live in Illinois but my health club has banned cell phones in the locker rooms for the past 2 or 3 years (since camera phones became so popular - why anyone would want to take pictures of the average woman in my club [most of us are in our 50's-80's I don't know). I wish they would ban them in the workout areas! My partner bought me expensive sound blocking ear buds for my ipod because I could not stand the noise. My previous health club banned cell phones in the work out area & was really a pretty quiet place. To me, working out is almost like knitting in that it makes me feel sort of meditative & I can't stand loud talking distracting me.


Love the mitts, and love them generally, but the first thing that gets cold on me? the finger TIPS! Oy. I'll have to commission some fingerTIP gloves from you!

I'm with the others that hate cellphone/bluetooth/texting, generally. Really. I listen to everyone's conversations (hard to avoid it), and they really are not SO important they can't wait an hour (or ten).

Grumble. Crank. Kids these days, with their long hair, rock music and bluetooth headsets. Why, when I was a kid, cell phones weighed 25 lbs and looked like rocket launchers!


There are signs all over the locker room areas in my gym and do you think the ladies pay attention to them? (No.)


The yarn is gorgeous and the fingerless mitts are beautiful!

I get fingerless mitts. I don't get exercise and talking on the phone at the same time.


Yay gym! Once again we can look forward to hearing about all those characters.

I know you will believe me when I say that it is infinitely better to pedal slowly than not pedal at all. Yay bike. Though I wish you'd scored one that was in better working order.


I love your blog and I love fingerless mitts. Living in Maine, they're practically a requirement.

The Knitting Archaeologist

MonkeyGurrl! I laughed hysterically at this...I said the same thing the other day, and I am 29:) I guess everyone becomes like their parents! Enjoy your gym time Wendy! I'm glad you are amused by the characters there:)


I really like those mittens! I love fingerless.


Wow, bluetooths, what a great invention. Actually taking to your friends and family instead of writing your family. Much more of a personal touch.


Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches.

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