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December 12, 2008


Susan - Knitters Delight

Even smokers don't smoke next to their gift yarn! lol. That's too funny.


Oh, no! You'd better have him X-rayed. Really. That could be bad. Love the scarf!


yeah, well, I'll see how he does. He's eaten worse.


Oooh, watch out for GF. Now that she's old enough to appreciate your knitting skilz, she may be like Wee Monkey Gurl, who *always* asks me, "So. . . who's *that* for?"


The dog, lol i have a 6 month old dashuand pup (lily) who had found beads today on the floor and was throwing one up in the air and I swear catching it. Poney beads at that. Silly dog. The smoking thing, I do smoke and we smoke outside (imange in 27 degree weather) and when i am knitting for anyone I knit inside and after im done with the project (because you carry the smell on hands and clothes) I always wash everythng by hand lay flat to dry and make sure I package it in something that has not sat in my car or on my porch. We smoke in the car only when my little one Barbie is (she is 8) not in the car and that is still bad too. Then when I take it to the post office i put it in the trunk or wrap the box in a towel for transport. I know we people who smoke cant smell it and we stink!!!! Its a awful smell to non smokers !!!!


My mailman smokes so all of my packages arrive smelling of smoke. (he drives around in his truck delivering smoke smelling mail, it makes me crazy).


HAHAHA! Captain Crunch! LOL that is too funny!
I wish you a full and fast recovery!


I have this hand-knits and smoke problem every time I have to block something. My mom, who lives next door, has two free beds that I could block just about anything on. Except, she smokes like a chimney. If I go in her apt for even 5 minutes, I smell like cigs.


Any chance said Dr. authorized the liberated crutch for use as a "character" whacker? I mean, just in case?

You never know.


Wow! LizAndrsn wrote it so I didn't have to! We are on the same wavelength here Liz! ;-) ~C


I think Rocko need some more exercise to tire him out so he doesn't want to escape and be naughty when he's alone! Have you tried giving him a stuffed toy like a Kong to keep him occupied? I've had good luck with my doxie doing that . . .


Oh that's too funny. You know it would only happen to you don't you? ;)


I once got a request for a knitted item from my only "smoker" friend. She bought the yarn and gave it to me. It stunk so bad I couldn't knit with it. That was an expensive favor because I had to go out and buy "fresh" yarn. I never mentioned it to my friend because I know she thinks that her possessions don't smell because she smokes outside. Lesson learned.


Beautiful scarf! I used to be a smoker, then I got pregnant and the morning sickness made it very easy to quit. Now when I pull out yarn from my stash that hasn't been opened since my smokin' days I want to gag. And we didn't smoke in the house. (Well, hardly ever.) And I swear that smell is even worse when it's mixed with wool. It's like a wet cigarette smoking dog or something.


I think I would have said the same thing... smoking near something yarny? Come on!!


To quote a kids' song from the 70s, "Some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without."


OMG, Lizbon. I can sooooo relate.


Love the scarf, will try it soon....


You DO attract some erm...different types! What I want to know is, does she read your blog? You may be down to one crutch but you still can't carry a box.


e gads...smokers! My parents both smoke and when I visit their house I have to bring everything home and wash it immediately. And air out the luggage. It is horrid.

And packages she sends....as soon as you open them the smoke smell whacks you in the face.


UGH, I am about to dogsit a friend of mine's 10-month-old puggle, and this is EXACTLY what I'm scared of - because that dog is a hellion. If she escapes while we're gone, I'm pretty sure at least one dining room chair will be eaten.

lyn Moes

haaaa...my dogs smell like tortilla chips! some days doritos...but usually just plain old tortilla chips.


Hey Wendy,
This is Polly from LisCat! Had a great time knitting with you:) Hope you come down soon and knit with us again:}


HaHa! Always love hearing the Rocko tales. He's quite the dog - but that face probably gets him out of trouble all the time. The scarf is great!


Polly! I didn't know you were a quilter! I LOVE quilting!

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