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September 12, 2008


kathy b

Your dog was so cute looking up at you. ARGH! The yarn in the mouth would not be allowed around here. Im no fun.


Wow..I wear tennis shoes and carry a hobo bag. Wonder what that says about me? Hehhe


Oh my! I think I'm going to have to make it to the signing. I'm just down the road from Third Place books. I love it in there.

Oh and totally right on about the lip stick. I can't wait to see you modeling both :)


Rocky has a good jump!


Okay, I so have to be there! I live about an hour and a half away from Seattle, but I cannot miss this chance to meet you!

Maybe I'll have to finish my somewhat cowl by then, too ;)

Milt Zweig

Hi ! How's your tooth??? By the way, I don't murmur!!!


Tooth is good. And I'm Busted!


did anyone suggest DRIVE-IN???

it is a kinda retro cool sweater and


ok - just had to put it out there

oh, and i've cracked 2 teeth in a year, it's scary


He's so funny! Congrats on the successful poll!!!!!!!


I love Chuck sneaking around back.


Holy crap. Did I tell you I cracked a tooth this week too!? Getting old SUCKS! This is the second one I've done this year!

Have a great weekend and we'll talk on Monday.


Love the pictures of the doggies! You could include them with every post! Fair Enough is a good name, although I voted for Fairlane. The sweater just reminds me of that era--yes, I was there.


Yay, I love that name! I'm about half finished with child's drive thru for Evan. I'm about to embark on the sleeves.

How do we get you to the east coast for a signing?


Yeah!!! You are coming to my neck of the woods!! :)


Yes, come to the east! I'll let you keep your dogs at my house!


Love the dogs and the sweater. My dog thinks it is fun to unwind yarn when I am not looking.

darlene p

congrats to the winners of the book and looks like rocko likes the burgandy alpaca too


This may be related to teeth, although it's more from a post a few days back, about tonic not tasting so great. Have you ever tried the tonic that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup? I don't mean diet, just cheap-o six packs from whole foods. G&T's with it taste a million times better I think. Just wondering!


Do you have a schedule for your book tour? I work at a lovely yarn shop in Pittsburgh (Natural Stitches, www.naturalstitches.com) and we'd love to have you come visit us.


Can you put up a list of where you will be signing books?? The only thing better than owning your book would be to meet you in person and own a SIGNED book!!


I love, love, love your book. I can't wait to get started. I think I'm going to start on Ingenue, but there are so many good ones, it's hard to choose. I'd like to give another plug for coming to Salt Lake City for a book signing. We have a few really nice LYSs including The Black Sheep (my personal favorite), Soul Spun, The Needlepoint Joint, Three Wishes, and the Unraveled Sheep.
BTW I love your hair wavy. I've been trying to let my natural curl shine through lately. Good luck with your tooth. It IS a pain when these age-related issues start popping up. Ugh. I've had a few of my own lately.


Love the Alpaca Silk. Is is the ruby red, or the garnet? Hard to tell from the picture. Which ever it is, I want some!!! And by the way, what size Somewhat Cowl did you make for yourself, if you don't mind me asking? I think we're about the same size (on one of my good days, that is!) Thanks


It is the garnet, which is a bit richer and deeper than the ruby. I knit the size small, a 34, which will give me approximately one inch of negative ease. I hope this helps!

courtney (knitnpurlgurl)

I LOVE every pattern in your book... it is a really good one...GREAT job!

Darcy Watts

I feel your pain this summer one root canal 2 porcelain molars 3 drill and fills and told I need to floss or i will lose my teeth.I wonder why i dont like dentists;)Hugs Darcy

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