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September 07, 2008



Well my name is not Sandy so I guess I didn't win so far lol. And I dought I do win, as im not that lucky of a person. But I feel like I've already won as I get the pleasure of reading your blog. Plus just feeling like i get to know you a bit. Huggs Marion


Being a RANDOM winner rocks!! Thanks so much Wendy - I look forward to many of the knits from your book.

PS - I think you should call the sweater...O-phelia

Darcy Watts

Looks like you had an relaxing day by the pool:)hugs Darcy


Hello, never comented before but just wanted to say I love your book. It arrived from Amazon on saturday and I already have a couple of projects in mind to cast on for.

Love the blog too.



I adore your book. There are so many great patterns, and wonderful tips! Love it!!!


Is this the same friend who accidentially put the fish in the garbage disposal (non-fatally) while cleaning out the fish tank?


I can see I'll have to visit Amazon again!

Nip on over when you have a free mo and collect your award [Saturday]



Looks like you're having a great time in the pool! What great fun!
Thanks for opening up the contest for us. It was fun, I hope to get a copy of your book soon.


I saw my last name in your posting and it really caught my eye!! Ha! ........I hoped I'd get a copy just for THAT! LOL. Just teasing....

.....and no---I'm not related.....



Your friend is far wiser than anyone I know. She really brightens my day! Thanks :)


Hi Wendy! There may be a more appropriate place to say this, but just wanted to let you know my copy of Custom Knits arrived today from Amazon (FInally) and I devoured it. I am so picky about pattern books and almost never see a knitting book I want to buy, but I simply love yours. There are actual patterns that I actually want to knit (way more than one) and the very best part are the tips on how to design my own. I just love it. Thanks for the great book, the great photographs and hope you don't stop writing. Really.

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