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July 10, 2008



Physical therapists are an interesting bunch. Mine thinks I am certifiable, I believe. He keeps asking me if I've been swimming, even though I've told him I won't start up again until he says I can. I think he doesn't trust me...of course, the fact that I went running a bunch of times after I'd promised him I wouldn't might have something to do with that.


As always , love the bolero - long and short sleeves! Bought heaps of stuff at elann a few days ago including the filati sailor - thanks for the lead!


I predict the Yogini Bolero will be a big time hit. It's so cute and will jazz up any gym outfit!


It's not just knitting it is Extreme Knitting, or maybe X-treem Knytting, or...

sue Treiber

wow that is cute!
I wish I would look like you in it :)


I'm with Lacy, the bolero will be a hit for sure! Sorry about the hip....I hope the PT sets you right.


I can't wait for the pattern! Love the way it looks and am a big hemp fan. Already have yarn to knit the pattern because my hemp stash is large.

I hope the hip is getting better. I feel your pain --- mine has been screwed up for 3 weeks and I have to go see the rheumatologist to have it "evaluated." Fun, Fun, Fun


* love the yogini!!! I totally went to elann and bought 2 bags of the sailor in 2 colors ways. Now I am hunting for a pattern so I can use it. This is where I break down. I love the yarn, buy the yarn for my stash, and don't know how to adapt the pattern to the yarn or the yarn to the pattern. Any resources you would recommend?


What is it with kids an rain forests these days? My son studied them in school, they were the topic one day in "explorer camp" the only topic in "jungle camp" and now he's in the "Rain forest Class" in regular day camp... go figure. He already (at age 5) thinks he knows more than me, on the topic of rain forests I think he's correct. Perhaps I should place just one more SuperCrafty order!


How funny. I'm a PT and one of the hospitals I work at several of us either knit or crochet during lunch and at meetings. Can't say the guys do though.


wendy, i would love to cast on for Yogini when the pattern hits. any ideas on how much yarn (all-hemp, right?)i would need for a small so i can order it? thought i would try-out your "just answer the front door trick".


Laurie, I used three hanks of the AllhempLUX for a size small...


I CAN"T WAIT until this pattern is out!! I have been looking for something like this!
BTW, when is the book due out? It seems like it have been on pre-order FOREVER! My friends and I are waiting with baited breath!!


Lisa, I just got a copy of the book, hot off the presses so it's just a matter of time!


That is so stinkin' cute!!! Looks like I may have found my 'road trip' project!!!



Yogini is great--thanks for another lovely design. Any chance Euroflax sport would work? I have a cone and a half left over from something else.


You may have to make adjustments if you use the sportweight--this is in light worsted.


Hiya Wendy - great yarn for the Bolero... what color is that? Did you know there s a color called "Gin" in the allhempLux?! Have a great day.


It is celtic blue (the long sleeve version is Louet Euroflax Linen worsted).


Ah - thanks!


LOVE IT! I can't wait for the pattern!

Hope you are feeling better, too. Watch the posture! ;)


HURRY!!!!!!!! must knit bolero


Love the pattern! Hope your hip is better soon.

Miss Scarlett

What a riot.
I would be more inclined to say, well...your elbow is digging into my behind and that's your job!
Knitting can't be less believable than that!

LeighB in ATL

Ok, the bolero is super cute, but I'm not a bolero kinda girl. Way too busty, if you know what I mean. But I have to say, Word on the cheap gin. My husband laughs at me whenever I order gin and tonic. I'm like, I want the cheap stuff, not the Tanqueray. Gimme Seagram's baby!

But I know why I like cheap gin... tell me if this rings a bell? I discovered I like gin in high school, but you don't buy top shelf booze in high school, right? So I usually bought Seagram's, sometimes Mr. Boston or something cheaper, but I could afford Seagram's because nobody else ever wanted to drink my gin (yeah!) so it lasted a little longer. I remember the first time I tasted Tanqueray, I thought, something is wrong with this drink. It tastes weird. Now I know, I'm just a cheap date.

Hope the hip gets better soon and you can get back to yoga class.

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