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February 02, 2008



My goodness, that picture is gorgeous! What a couple of hotties!


They are seriously the cutest couple! your entire family is gorgeous!


That may in fact be the hottest couple I've ever seen in my entire life..while being absolutely adorable at the same time..What a fabulous pic. I would buy whatever they were selling.

(and a very pretty tattoo I might add...ahem...I meant tough...tough tattoo....but pretty ha!)


I adore Dune, that is such lovely yarn! I have a skein but I've never known what to do with it.. lol


Love the photo!!


Love the beret! Bug bug bug.


oooh hottie alert!!

Warrior Knitter

Good Luck to HWWV and his new venture!! His photos are always awesome!

elizabeth m

You sure have the strangest experiences staying fit of anyone I know.


Hotties indeed! I giggled at your yoga story - similar thing happened in my practice a couple of weeks ago - I think this woman's uji breath was just like snoring though - how relaxing is that? Not!


Please post the pattern -- love it very much.


That picture is beautiful.

What a bizarre yoga story! It's so odd how people seem to be in completely different worlds sometimes.




Great picture!
What a talented photog. :)


More bug, bug, bug! :)


Man are they gorgeous. And the tattoos too.





Miz Booshay

Fantastic picture of your sis and her hubby.

You know I am so curious but respect their space...

Tell hwwv...very cool pp.

Ceylan Gul

bug bug bug bug bug!

Your yoga stories crack me up. What is up with the strange yoga man?

Your sister and her hubby are gorgeous! Love the tattoos!


They sure are a picture perfect couple. I LOVE her tattoo. Very cool...and it never changes does it with dads? I mean....it doesn't' matter how old you are...they still get kinda weird about that kind of stuff. I had my tongue pierced years ago and my dad refused to look me in the face while I was talking. Once I took it out he started looking at me again LOL. And I was 29 at the time!!!! Silly.


Great yoga story! And I love your sister's stargazer lily. What a kick it must be when the four of you guys hang out together.

BTW, I liked your little interview in Knitscene.


I would love to see your sister's beret when it's finished! I'm really not a girly-girl but I seem to becoming more of one since I turned 30. And I am bugging you for a pattern write up :) And I absolutely adore your sister's tattoo! They are an adorable couple and HWWW's quite talented!

Jen Sirois

Does this constitute bugging? I love the yarn! Not my choice, nor yours for that matter, but it is nice.

P. S. The beret pattern would be nice! :P


Great picture! Love the angle, it actually flatters them!


Great picture of your beautiful family memembers! Hilarious about the sleeping yoga dude. Good luck figuring out about the ads!

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