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December 01, 2007


Steph B.

I did traffic school online and it was excellent, or as good as traffic school can be. You can do it for as long as you want, save it and then continue. It's supposed to take about 4 hours or something, but I think my total time was about an hour and a half. If you are a quick reader you shouldn't have any trouble with. Plus, you don't have to go anywhere to do it! When they send you the ticket it should have info on the online places, if I'm remembering correctly. I live in Riverside county, don't imagine it's that much different where you are. Good luck, and congrats on the hat sizing!


I second the online traffic school. I lived in California until I went to college and did it while I was there. I don't think every state has online classes available. It took about an hour. Sorry you were stopped!

Miz Booshay

Dang. Just paid 186.00 myself. But I deserved it...and the fellow let me go after running a stop sign along with the speeding.

If you go before the judge and say...oops, sorry sir, I wasn't paying attention...he will reduce the fine and/or change the points infraction.

So if you have time and want to appeal it.... it would probably be worth it.

And the hat...so funny that you knit it in your size...by accident.


I have seen so many motorcycle cops lately. There were two of them with radar guns a-blazing parked on the sidewalk right in front of my nextdoor neighbor's house when I left to take my son to school the other day! I'm talking on the sidewalk of a residential street!!! Must have some quotas to meet.

Cute beret.


Damn cops. You're lucky I wasn't in the car with you. You'd have much more than a ticket.........


I just look at traffic school as a chance to knit for 4 (long) hours while listening to stupid people as questions like "What if I'm driving nekid and get pulled over?" or "How many points if you hit a mailbox and don't stop?"
Good luck with that.


Take the traffic school online. It's more than a few minutes, more like 2 to 3 hours, but a lot easier than actually going.

Melissa A.

In Nova Scotia people only put the plates on the back. It annoys me even though I don't drive and am not a police officer. The gov't did it to save administrative costs.

donna lee

Just seeing the police car pulled onto the side of the road, even if I am not doing anything bad makes my heart beat faster. I wonder why we are so afraid of them?


Definitely go for the online traffic school! I think I finished in less than an hour. The beret is cute, and I love the colors on those fingerless mitts!

Rachel Kay

This is all very helpful since I got a speeding ticket (my first!!!) this last weekend too. I totally deserved it, but dude, I wasn't the only one zipping along that street! Everyone speeds on Sunset and it was totally a sting operation (all things I refrained from mentioning to the officer). So if you need a traffic school buddy. We could knit in the back. =)


Love your blog--found it by tracing lots of hat entries. Thanks for all your free patterns. I'm going to make Le Slouch immediately. Some other wips are lagging behind, and I want to knit a gift for my Mom in time for her upcoming visit about 2 weeks off. Don't look at my blog right now, LOL, I have shamefully neglected it. Can't get "Blogger" to behave last few times I tried. I will post soon, have lots of blog-worthy stuff to post, but look at the calendar! I get frantic this time of year. Sorry about your episode getting pulled over. Hate that. I think they do just have a quota most of the time.


Whoopsie! You accidentally knit yourself a super cute hat with your Jedi mind tricks! Oh, well...


Hey... I love the gloves you are wearing... do you have a pattern for them too?


Hee hee, bad girl. Nice hat though.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Bummer. I've never even heard of traffic school before. Sounds like I should be happy about that tho. Must be a CA thing ... and it hasn't got to MA yet.


cute hat! i have that pattern and now may need to revisit it with some mods... hmmm. sorry about the tix. i always try to get away with a warning... that idea will expire soon i'm sure.

Christa Z.

Definately online traffic school, just make sure you keep a copy of the certificate and also get it checked off by the county courthouse in the area where the ticket occured. Otherwise you may spot this infarction (heheh) on your permanent record, thusly possibly raising your insurance rates...aghad I sound so well informed, yes well then.

Tiny Tyrant

Take Traffic School online.

It's the only way to go.


I just got my first speeding ticket a couple days ago and I have been driving 10 years.


Love the beret! I think I am going to have to make one for me! It's suppose to start snowing here in chicago. I would look so cute in one.

Sorry for the ramble and shallowness. Love the blog!


I used these guys http://www.trafficschoolonline.com/pages/cheap-traffic-school.html

I got it done in about 45 minutes cuz you can just take the test over and over until you pass.


Yup, online.

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