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December 15, 2006



I'm glad to be party to your semi-surrealism! I often feel guilty that I enjoy your blog so much but give back so little to you. I guess I did start my own blog, but I'm slow at getting the hang of writing anything more interesting than "This is my latest knitting project: see?". And I did knit an Essential Stripe...so maybe I can absolve my guilt for a bit anyways...

And don't worry about cheating on us with the you-know. We understand, it's for our own good.


The line of what and what not to put in the blog. I'm on the what not end of the spectrum myself right now (and who wants to hear complaints about work and school anyway).

And it's a tasty-looking tidbit, for the record.


Even when I don't comment I read your blog every day. I didn't wear an eye patch, but I did wear leg braces. and I've been pregnant with 8 children, 4 who survived.

Love the tidbit, I am patiently waiting to see more....


There is something about you and your blog that inspires, and makes me want to keep reading... Maybe it IS because I wouldn't mind being a bit more like you - and a bit less like me. Or, maybe I am just a blog junkie? Who knows? Love the red tidbit with the cables on the sleeve! Thanks for sharing.


The blogging thing - definitely semi-surrealistic... but fascinating and fun.

Red sweater - stunning!

Shaving your head - shocking! Now that's a picture we'd love to see.

Sara W.

I'm too tired to say anything more coherent than "You rock." I already want to knit the "tidbit." It looks gorgeous! I too have started a blog, but I am reaaaaaallly bad about keeping up with it. A new year's resolution, I guess. I read about 6 different knitting blogs daily, and yours is my favorite, for the awesome knitting content, the funny stories, and the touching, personal stories.


Wow, those are some awesome tidbits. I especially love the eye patch photo, that's classic vintage right there. I think one of your patterns for the big deadline should be that vest your brother is wearing. You could totally bring it back ;)

Miss Scarlett

On a total side note: I have not listened to Core for a lifetime! I loved STP. Poor guy - I hope he is really cleaned up by now. I think I might have to go downloading after this...

Your Blog is definitely in the Lot Like You category for me. (minus the pork consuming in-laws and their compulsive creaming and interior decorating ways)

I love the way you write. Your posts are always interesting - funny, insightful, honest, thought provoking and moving.

The knitting ain't half bad either!


yay cables


Friends: They're twisted stitches!

Miz Booshay

Twisted stitches for twisted sistah's!

Whenever I read of your losses, Wendy, I am so sad.

As Elizabeth says,

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."

If it helps just a bit...


You're amazing and a brave woman-what you put out there for all to see-.
I had an eye patch too (lazy eye)..The thing about your mom makes me cry and the kids thing too.. I don't feel I can put personal things on my blog....

Knitting Mummy

I also have to say that if ever I feel fed up or not in the mood to do anything I wll often look for the lastest update on your blog, and it really does inspire me and get me motivated, I can't really say why, I supose it's the old I wish my life was like that routine. Anyway keep it up as it cheers up a very stressed out mum in the UK .

gina L

I'm loving the t-neck with cables in a flattering location. You made an interesting comment about assessing a person you just meet. "Do I want to be a little like you or a lot like you." It is the same when you get to know people blogging. We all can relate to each other on a human level. Some I appreciate for their style and good taste. Others I might not have anything in common with but it is fascinating to step into another's world. I think bloggers do want to know personal more intimate information. Especially if you have been reading along time.


These blog communities, they are lovely. And posssibly filled with people who might not take the time to reveal themselves or listen to each other in the "real" world.

I feel as though sharing with strangers (surrealy or not) is definitely a step in the right direction towards world peace.


Wendy, I just finished my own "Le Slouch" and I think there may be a mistake in the pattern. They way you have the decreases written you're intending us to decrease from 17 to 2 stitches in a section (I did a St St version) by doing a K2tog and SSK in each section. That gets you from 17 to 15 to 13 to 11...you get the idea. All the way down to...3. To finish it I had to do one round of *K2Tog K1* to get to 2 stitches in each section, then I could K2tog all around. Did I completely screw it up or did I indeed find a mistake?


I don't always comment because I don't think it even matters ... your world is filled with many others already. I post, but I'm not a writer and it's only an extension of my world. This posting of yours I like. Makes you seem more real... after all I doubt that any of us reveal everything about ourself anyway. But getting a peek into the window of our past or inner-self once in awhile is nice. Even if it's surreal. Happy Holidays!


I love your blog, the way you write and the way you knit! I discovered your blog only about 2 weeks ago and I'm hooked! Thanks for posting so often.

Question: If I'm totally wrong don't laugh - is blogging your full-time job? I think it'd be wonderful if it was :)


The thing I've liked about the blog is that I can be Scout. It's easy to stay a bit anonymous. It was really strange to go on the show and have to use my real name. And only what? A million or so people will know the real me? Scary!

I'm not really awake and not sure if this has anything to do with your post but I'm going with it.....


I often write things to post on my blog, then think better of it and delete them. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much of myself I want to put out there. Some days I think it should just be about the knitting. Period. Ultimately, I'm a pretty shy person, so putting too much of myself out there is simply too difficult for me. I admire the way you write and show us just enough of yourself and your life.

Thanks for the tidbit from the you-know.


Wendy, you've brought me to tears (not the first time, either) with your mother's words to you. How wonderful that you loved each other so much - you've made me appreciate even more than I already did how very fortunate I am to have a wonderful Mom too.


Thank you for the glimpse of Red. It looks to be gorgeous, and I can't wait to see the completed sweater!


I've just been tagged to tell 6 weird things about myself. I'm having trouble thinking of 6 - not that I'm weird, but on a knitting blogging, saying I knit several hours per day whenever possible doesn't sound that strange.

Interesting tidbits about yourself, though.


I think turtlegirl might have found an error, I'll change the PDF and put it on the sidebar. Luckily it isn't one of those things that even a beginner knitter would freak out over!

And no, blogging isn't my full-time job! I spend maybe 20 minutes a post.


Ok, so now you are not only an amazingly fast and talented knitter (love the tidbit!) - but also an amazingly fast and witty writer!!

I was a reluctant blogger and sadly my poor blog sits untouched for months. Obviously, it takes me more than 20 minutes to write something and download pictures, etc. Maybe it's more fun for me to read others...

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