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December 04, 2006



Poor girlfriend looks scared to death! I hope she didn't confide anything serious to him - he doesn't sound too trustworthy (by her expression, I'm guessing she wouldn't give him the time of day).

This is so odd - I just this minute finished blogging about a completely different subject but ended up mentioning your crazy gym stories, then went to check out K&T before going to bed, and here is a fresh crazy gym story. OK, not so odd - your gym is often full of wild tales, but still...


Ah yes... the terrified child in Santa's arm picture. I've got quite a few of those. It's funny when you stop to consider that we do this for them.


Was just about to find a Santa to take my kids to visit. Maybe we'll just write those letters instead...


Oh, poor girlfriend! I remember those days as a kid. Santa is great until you have to be there on his knee.


i agree. girlfriend looks scared. very scared.


oh no. Girlfriend will never forgive you.


I can just hear Girlfriend's inner monologue: "Ew, skanky Santa! Keep those hands to yourself!"


That's not bad. My 12 year old daughter and her friend begged me to get their picture taken with santa the other night at the mall. As they were sitting on his lap, waiting for the camera to snap the picture, santa asked these 2 pre-teen girls if they had "My Space" pages?!?!?!? I almost jumped him!


i think every mother has a frightened child picture with santa.

Rosi G.

I just realized that I don't have ANY pictures of my kids sitting on Santa's lap! I need more pictures to torture them with when they're older so that will be one trip we make this year. All 4 of them will need to sit on Santa. He!

By the look on Girlfriend's face, Santa still had that Martini breath!


Oh goodness! I hope she didn't smell the breeze/martini mix on him. Look at her face!


Heh - martinis and cross breezes, that's how he gets that red nose...


Poor Girlfriend. Reminds me of many a Santa photo that my mom has. Ah memories...


The look on Girlfriend's face says it for all of us dreading christmas! Hopefully she was giggling by the end of the photo shoot.

gina L

That face! Heartbreaking! Has she ever wanted to go see santa again?

Elizabeth M.

I shouldn't laugh at poor GF, but my, that picture says it all! I've never taken my kids to see a Santa. Owen asked the other day why malls don't do that anymore. I said, sotto voce, that they do, but since I don't go to The Mall, we never see it. I didn't want The L.E. to catch wind of what he's missing.


Your gym is WAY more interesting than mine.


She's like...."Mooooooooommmmmmmy???!!?!??" Love it.

Bonne Marie

Poor Girlfriend!

This is such bonding Americana there is a whole site dedicated to it:
the Scared of Santa collection


I saw the scared of Santa link on Bonne Marie's site, and then arrived here in time to see poor girlfriend's face. Oh my! She'll forgive you. Time (and big gifts from Santa) have a way of blurring the memories. With the you-knows arrival on the horizon, maybe you could use a martini?


Poor girlfriend, she looks like she wants to jump off his lap, hehehehe.


Poor GF! I have a picture of my screaming daughter with a very happy looking Easter bunny - I feel your pain. :0)

My Merino Mantra

That is the best looking Santa I have ever seen, and I haven't had any martinis or cross breezes!


Hahah! That's a hilarious picture! Reminds me of a news story I saw last night about a new survey of people who work as Santa during Christmas. They said that they get peed on all the time by scared children and that they're always getting sick from kids coughing on them and such. Interesting job I say.

Glad you have a day of reprieve! Better get some knitting time in before the big arrival tomorrow when HWWV hides all your needles!


Girlfriend clearly remembers cross-breeze Santa.

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