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June 07, 2006



I'm going through the similar situations with little miss Princess who is only 5. And she's dying to learn how to knit...uh oh! Gotta love kids! Great work as always :)


A month???



Dear patient girl - don't take this the wrong way, but is the word NO not part of your vocabulary? How do you get stuck with these rude, crude, and socially unacceptable (to borrow a phrase from junior high school lingo) people for a whole month?

I understand the need to bow to family obligations, but surely that only buys them a week on your couch...

I don't mean to harangue - I'm just aghast on your behalf. You deserve peace, quiet, and lots of pretty yarn. Not derision, pork overdose, and invasion from the Planet Snotty.


I don't take it the wrong way, Lizbon.

...Is it okay if I give them your address so they can stay with you, instead?

I'd love it!


Yikes... So sorry you're having such a rough go of the company already. Hope that it goes fast so you can get back to the norm.

The Kimono folded up lovely.


A month? Oy. I didn't realize they were here for that long. I guess when you come that far, you feel like you gotta stay that long to make it worthwhile.

The kimono is, of course, fabulous! I know exactly how you got it done so fast -- you knit constantly so that you can bite your tongue and half-way tune out what's going on around you, only surfacing when a response is truly necessary on your part.

I like the suggestions on what to say to the 10-year-old. You could also tell him (her?) that in America, caning is allowed in private homes if the house rules are broken, and you have a house rule against criticizing the food.

My only question: Does HWWV ever step in and tell them to be nicer to you b/c they're his family?


LMAO...yeah, give that brat a hotdog!!! He should get a kick out of that;o)

The Kimono came out super cute, I love it!


Erica, caning, egads nearly choked on the granita ovah here.

Wendy Dahlink! Bow out gracefully, you need to leave in a couple days for the TGB Yarn and Vin tour in Italia. Yeah, that's it! Work you know.

Doesn't that sound fab?! If I were cloned I would SO organize one.

Proper English, pfft!


P.S. The kimono is adorable.


I just amazed that you manage to knit and post everyday although you have troublesome guests at home. How do you do that?
Btw, I am your long time fan that only manage to comment today.


Your fingers must have friction burns as fast as you knit!! Proper English?!?!? That kid is probably the know it all that everyone at school loathes. BTW thanks for such a great pattern, Girlfriend's Swing Coat. I like how easy the pattern reads! Can't wait to start Cowl or Shrunken for me!


That 10 y/o sounds like a little monster. Buy a vat of vino and hide out in the laundry room!


I have a couple of leeeetle monsters like that 10 yr old who live across the street. I tell you, it makes me feel small when I need to be snarky to a child, but sheesh.

Keep knitting girl. You make us all proud of your speed, stamina, and tolerance. YIKES!

I hope the gym and knitting keeps you sane.

Do they stay a month both times a year when they visit? Are they at least nice to girlfriend?

I love the irony that he didn't like the way California rolls are served in CALIFORNIA!

Chin up girlie! WE love you!

(and the cojones comment from the other day was meant in the most reverent and admiring way possible!)


UGH! I hate small children who feel they are the authority on everything. It reminds me of the time a small child from a school district called SHENENDAHOWA thinks the name of my town is weird.


Sounds like you're whipping the wrong boy!
Really, I have similar problems with my in-laws. I did, after all, take their only son away from them and they haven't forgiven me yet after 22 years of marriage. One of my MIL's most memorable little gems was the time she presented me with a top or sweater for Christmas along with the words "this was REALLY big on the rack, so I thought of you." Is it wrong to flip off you MIL on Christmas?

Miz Booshay

You are very brave! I don't even know what grafting is....
I'll have to look it up.

The kimono is very cute, Wendy.

My dear friends MIL is from Tawain and I love to hear her horror stories. My very favorite is;

MIL insists that when one comes to a four way stop. The most expensive car goes first!!!!

She is totally serious!



Mama Cat

Love your kimono - been lurking at your blog just a little while and it's great. I forget how I found you - somebody linked to you I think.

I too have foreign in-laws and visits are extremely trying. There are unwritten rules about hospitality in every country and it seems so easy to violate them without knowing what you did. E.g., in Ireland, I used to always offer to help my MIL out in the kitchen. BAD faux pas - guests are supposed to sit on their butts and be waited on. Offering to help is an implication that you don't think your hostess is competent to do it on her own.

So when they come here - that's what they expect, of course. Grr. And the men aren't supposed to do ANYTHING. So my husband turns into a potato when the parents are visiting. Grrr!

But the 10-yo sounds like the type who would be a brat no matter where he comes from.


I love all of the items that EZ has designed!


Well, at least you know when they are leaving. If you ask a Dominican how long she will be staying, it's considered rude. I spent my childhood wondering when we'd have peace in the house again...


You know what they say about houseguests and fish...after three days, they start to smell (or something like that). I'll be thinking good thoughts your way.


You've got me crying today..been there done that!

carrie m

how are you going to survive this? is there enough yarn in the world? and do these people have internet access? eek.

love the kimono.


The jacket is adorable! I love the way the purple pops off the white.

About the guest think about it this way... You should really pity that brat because he is probably the least popular and most obnoxious kid in school.

Karama is a biatch and he'll get his ;) If not now, later when he wants to date. It won't be pretty.


Just let it all roll off -- laugh at the 10-year old as if he's just made a joke, even though you know he's serious. He's been taken seriously too long. Do things your way -- don't worry about what they expect. It is your house, after all.


I think I would opting for handing him a hotdog, but it wouldn't be done gently. Child or not.
Great job on the jacket.

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