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April 27, 2006



Ooooh. CUTE! I can just see my girlie in that dress w/boots. :P


You mean Girlfriend's preschool is having a sleepover for 50 kids and their parents? Not even promises of gin and tonic or cosmo's could drag me there!

I love the dress; go-go boots, and the white belt would definitely complete the outfit! Can't wait to see photos!


My little girls actually saw this and wanted one! Too bad mom is just learning how to knit, LOL. Great job!


I had blue vinyl go-go boots, tricked Grandma into buying them for my birthday when my Mom had already said I couldn't have any. Mom never let me out of the house in them..... lesson learned - don't try to circumvent The Mom.


My boots were white. Loved. them. Wore them with my Danskin outfits. I was so hip as a pre-teen. What the hell happened to me?


That dress is adorable! You are gifted.


(I had a velveteen purple coat with a big silver belt buckle that I wore EVERYwhere until it became so faded and dingy that it was forcibly removed from my clutches.)


My dad took me to an overnight camp for my school to a zoo one year and we had a great time. Girlfriend is a lot younger than I was, but still. The dress is super-cute!


What a cute dress. I'd love to see the boots that would go with it.


The only way I'd have a sleep-over with that many kids if if I could bring my camper, with locking doors.

I had to wear orthopedic shoes. I had to order them from the ugly shoe catalog, I cried. But I did have a pair of go go boots (white patent vinyl, and you're right they were stinky), Oh the beauty of those boots!! I wanted to be Marsha, but I'm afraid I was more Jan. Girlchild has a pair of black boots, they're too cute with a little dress. You'll have to post another picture with the boots, and the belt.

gail dokucu

Hey Wendy - Try www.lesbonribbon.com - they have the white plastic flower buckle you are looking for. I discovered this fantastic site while looking for a buckle for the Tempting II sweater from the last issue of Knitty.


We totally need a picture with Girlfriend doing the modelling. The dress is very cute, but with her, it would be TO DIE FOR!!!

Monkeygurrl's preschool had a "Parent's Night Out", where they kept the kids from 6 - 11 pm. It was wonderful. But I had to get likkered up for the drop off and pickup. You couldn't pay me to stay the nite!


that is one cute dress. too bad i'm 31. :)


I would buy this pattern. Let us know if you decide to write it down and sell it. :)


I think I will write it up and make it available. My main goal was to make one in a small size so I could adapt it and make an adult version...Gail, the www.lesbonribbon.com is fantastic!

gail dokucu

I thought you'd like it . . . I just about had a buckle-induced aneurysm when I came upon it. Another good one is www.mjtrim.com.
BTW - I LOVE your site. I was vehemently anti-blog until I accidentally found yours. Love it!



I bought my dd go-go boots in black and leopard suede. She wore them until the fell apart!

She has been asking for more.


Hee, hee. I skipped the preschool campout, too (three years running!)Being a well-meaning parent and a good sport only goes so far.


Whoa! Didn't get my go-go boots until I was all grown up. What is better than go-go boots? Nothing.

Except maybe the wonderful a-line dress you knitted.

Also, with you all the way on the horror, the horror of camping out. LOL.



Soooooo, will a pattern be forthcoming?


1971, chocolate suede lace-up boots, burgundy cordaroy hotpants (Daisy Dukes)with fitted burgandy heather sweater w/hip belt under a camel-colored wool maxi coat (shin length)w/faux leopard fur lining - all made by mom except the boots and the sweater!!
Cute dress, Wendy. Can't wait to see your princess in it!!


Funny, I just eBayed a pair of white gogo boots - they just sold yesterday. They were indeed fabulous (Fluevog gogo boots, no less), but a half-size too small for me. I kept putting them on and trying to step out the door in them and realizing I was going to have blisters on my toes.

I miss them already.


PS. Adore the little dress, by the way.


Oh that rocks!!! I wish my Supergirl would wear something like that.

I don't know why, but the pictures of the yarn I just dyed makes me think of you.


One of my earliest memories involves wearing my BRAND NEW patent leather go-go boots to a "professional" wrestling match. I don't remember watching any of the matches, but I do remember looking at my boots all night!

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