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April 01, 2006



I LOVE IT! Your pic is awesome!

And I really enjoy your blog in general too.....

back to lurking!


This picture puts all other 'yarn porn' pictures to shame!


Ha! Great pic!



I love it, and you should sell posters, no calendars. Oh gourds could you imagine? Instead of bikini chicks and budweiser babes posters in thoese garages/dorm rooms/back offices there would be women with naughty bits covered in yarn? :D


no fair - you are california and the rest of us aren't that tan (unless we just got back from spring break)


Wow. What a fabulous, hilarious photo. So perfectly in tune with the many sides of knitting -- the sensory, the comic, the obsessive. I'm going to jump on the book cover bandwagon too. This is perfect for the job. Happy you posted it.




OH my GOD. That is the BEST yarn/stash picture bar none! You rock


O my! This picture is absolutely amazing! And delicious. Sensual. PERFECT. It has to be the cover photo to your book!

townie girl

priceless! haha. esp. the one between your toes! great shot! (great photographer!)


I must say...WOW! That's perfect! Nice job on the "flash"!


OMG...my sister wanted to take the same exact pose of me in the same way...crazy!

You go girl, and your legs, looking like a million dollars:o)

Miz Booshay

Well...it's all been said.

Funny. Brilliant. Wendy.


Best. Stash Flash Picture. Evah!

Miz Booshay

"She loves to knit, more than you!"
Katie Boucher

Yes, she does :o)


You win. As always!

Liz K.

This picture is why you continue to be, IMHO, among the best knit bloggers out there! So creative and very glam!


If yarn porn really did exist, this would be the definitive potrait. Amazing shot!


Amazing! Love it! Reminds me of a postcard I got at a museum somewhere when I was younger of Bette Midler in a bathtub full of rose petals (don't ask why I bought a Bette Midler postcard!)


Sweeet! I love it!


Oh wow, that picture is WONDERFUL!!!


I see the ceyeber fiber!!!Very "American Beauty"!


Great pic :)


Fantastic photo! I agree that would make a great book cover!!

Elizabeth M.

What a great shot! (It helps to have the bathtub for the look. Just imagining what the version at my house would look like: shudder!)

HWWV is a great sport and a good photographer. You guys must have such fun together, planning the photo shoots.

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