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October 26, 2005



Great sweater, Wendy. I was just wondering, though...have any images of the cross-over v-neck?



Hey Wendy - do you have any tips for knitting it up at 28 per 4 inches? I have tons of Rowan botany that this would be perfect for... would you suggest just knitting the next size up and trying as you go?


Caroline, I am the type of knitter who would do just that: go up a size and knit with smaller gauge yarn. Who knows what you'll come with, though! The beauty of this type pattern is that you can try it on as you go, so if it doesn't work out, you'll be able to tell early on.


Wendy- Hi I bought this pattern and then word on the street is that there are corrections....am I blind? Where are they?


Carla, no changes at all since the first day the pattern came out. All others that have been sent out have reflected the change.

It had to do with using PM for pass marker and place marker in the same pattern. I thought it was confusing so changed the pass marker to SM, for "slip marker," instead.


Is the gauge for the sportweight
26 stitches/24 rows per 4" square or is it 26 stitches/34 rows per 4" square?


Catie...it is 34, so I changed the entry. The PDF file that was sent out was correct...


This would also be a great sweater vest -- maybe you should publish an alternate version!


I have a question, if I got 5 st per inch on size 6 needles (I am using encore colorspun worsted and it calls for size 6 to get 5 st per inch). Do you think I would be safe to knit the size 32"? How much larger would it be you think? I really like how it knits up on the size 6 needles and I don't really want to change.

Any help would be apprechiate thanks!!


Wendy, I just started knitting the sweater. It is my first ever, and I have a quick question--when increasing at the beginning of the 8th row, which method do you suggest to use? Thanks


Hi Wendy!
I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to new posts every day :) They make me happy. Anyway, I bought the "Essential Stripe" from kpixie (short sleeved version with yarn needed to make said version in the colors you used) and the pattern did not specify which colors you used for the worsted weight version. I love love love the autumn and all the colors of the season, and would like to make the sweater just as it is in the picture. Any way you can let me know? Thanks! >^..^< *meow*


A few members of the LJ Community Punk_Knitters are going to start a knit-a-long on September 10th, using this pattern!!! Do you have any thing you'd like us to keep in mind when we start?

Thanks in advance from all of us at:


I've gazed at this before, and I'm thinking I might work on this for the fall, but you have to tell where you got the fab white blouse underneath too. ;-)


I have a problem....I bought this pattern in hopes of knitting it for myself....but I knew I would have to fudge the numbers a bit...the reason being is because my bust is 49.5in. I just cannot for the life of me get it right. I there anyway that you could help me, walk me through it. I have all the yarn for the worsted weight pattern, the needles, I am just having problems adjusting the pattern to fit me.

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I would love to make the essential stripe worsted sweater (without the stripes), I am going to use a worsted weight alpaca yarn. What I need help with is deciding what size to make. Most of my sweaters always seem to end up bigger than the pattern states, even though I always check the guage with a swatch. My bust is 39 and my hips are 42 1/2. Should I make a size 38? I like a fitted look - not bulky or boxy. Thank you!


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Wendy N

Hi there - just a note on this pattern. I'm making it and it's great. I am having a lot of fun with it, but one thing I've discovered that might make it a little more clear - - -

When you are increasing for the V-neck, it's a bit unclear the way it's worded. Also, you don't say that the front and back should at least have approximately the same number of stitches.

And you don't mention that once you DO have enough stitches, you should start in rounds on the body. It's probably obvious, but I did have to dig out my copy of B. Walker to ensure I was doing things right.

A great pattern!


I have just started the essential sweater, and I am also having questions regarding the increases for the v-neck. I read it to mean the only increases involving the A markers are on every 8th row. Doing this will end up with the back much larger than the front when joined. Am I missing something on the increasing?


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That's a really cute !!
Love your designing…they are simly marvelous.


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