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October 25, 2005



Wendy, I'm sure you were great on the set! We'll always be your fans, anyways! And Girlfriend is SO cute! Congrats!


Wendy, I'm sure you were great on the set! Can't wait to watch it!And Girlfriend is SO cute!Congrats!


Love girlfriend's wings!


I can so relate to stomach clenching and sweating when nervous. As an aside (and too much info) - Secret antiperspirant does not work. I tried platinum too, sounded hardcore. My favourite tried and true is Lady Speed Stick (do you have that in the US?) - any flavour. Maybe it has extra aluminum or something and I will lose my mind someday, but my pits will smell fantastic.


how cool, what season are you up to in the states? we are on the first season (or maybe second?) so i probably have AGES to wait to see it. i'm sure you were fab and no one noticed any BO action. Girlfriend is too cute.


When will your episode air?? I don't always remember to watch Knitty Gritty, so be sure to post when it's coming up so I can tape it! I know you did fine, too...


I can't wait to see you on TV! And Girlfriend is just soooo cute! I've been caught with a blue tounge before.


wow. what do you have to eat to get your tongue that color? i know how to get my teeth purple, a good dose of red wine :)
thanks for sharing your 'knister' experience. what a hoot! i look forward to that episode airing -- of course i will have to find a friend with dvr or tivo, because "gray la gran needs TIVO", but she doesn't have tivo!


Well, congrats on your TV debute. For what it's worth, I think I'm a dork on TV and people tell me I do well enough, so there's a pretty good chance you did fine and dandy.


ARG! I'm so upset that I don't get the DIY channel. Grr. I'm pretty sure your episode is going to absolutely fabulous and really fun to watch. And you crack me up!!!


Can't wait to see you on Knitty Gritty! When does your episode air?


Too cool! Fill us in on how you got selected for the show (lucky dog) pls! You're website is a hoot and always guaranteed to make me identify and laugh w/you!
Give us the scoop!


Your blog seems to have become required reading for me. In return for all the pleasure and inspiration I've gotten from your daily knitting saga, let me just offer this in return: Lady Mitchum!

Oh yes, please tell us when to tune in!


When's it going to air? And was Crazy Aunt Purl there too? She mentioned something on her blog about Annie Modesitt and Knitty Gritty.


You're a star! What a fun thing to be a part of! I can't wait to see your knitty gritty premier!


What a cool experience!


Shouldn't all Angels have wings? (I know..that was cheesy!) Can't wait to see the episode! Congrats again!! What did you end up wearing? Oh, and I swear by Mitchum deodorant..even though I think it causes cancer and Alzheimer's later on.....what was I talking about? hehhehe


So, really. What did you wear? Hmmm? And which lipstick. Inquiring minds need to know.


Can't wait to see your episode! Congrats on making it onto TV! And I know John from My Big Fat Needle - he's my "yarn-dealer" at The Point in NYC. Isn't he a sweetheart?


Congratulations on being a knitster! I'm sure you did just fine. It seems everyone I'm reading these days is on Knitty Gritty. I want to be one of the cool kids too!

I laughed out loud. Thanks again for sharing your great stories, and I wish I had cable just to see KG.


I'll bet you looked (and acted) better than I do on my best day when I need to look important, grown up or at least somewhat sane. Sorry I don't have cable so I can't watch your debut (unless I find a patient friend who will let me borrow their tv)!

Blue tongue is quite becoming to girlfriend. She's quite darling.


So what did you knit (finish?) in those 6 hours of knitting? Other than the BO, lips sticking, etc., was it fun?


I'm positive it wasn't THAT bad...you were glam as usual, for sure!! Can't wait to see it!


Just remember that Marilyn Monroe was a very nervous type - and who could have looked better than her? Viva Mademoiselle Tonique!


That is too funny, Wendy!!!!

And girlfriend is cuter than ever.

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