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October 27, 2005



That yarn calls to me everytime I am on KPixie! Looking good. I was browsing for yarn tonight to make my Essential Stripe Sweater!


heh. I have a similar history with the word organism. You can guess how it came out in 6th grade while I was reading aloud to my science class. It was disturbing enough that when called upon to say organism, even now, the memory of my 11 year old shame still causes it to come out...wrong.


EEEK! I wish I had seen this post a couple of weeks ago because it's EXACTLY what I was hoping to make for my grandmother for christmas - a hoodie vest. Right now I'm winging it based on three different patterns, and while I think it's functional, I don't think it's anywhere as cool looking as this project. Pray tell, what pattern are you using, or is this another original?


For a 9th-grade German class essay on "If I Were an Animal, I would be..." I chose "beaver." Didn't know any better.

There are currently 19,300 Google hits for "pubic library." 19,301 now.


ahh, the pubic library. :)

[aside: woohoo! i ordered the pattern earlier today and I actually (gasp) have something in stash to use for it. Hooray! thanks for sharing it with us... I'm also thinking about some of that aurora4 for a springtime version... come march/april. :) ]

gina L

I will tell you the most embarrassing thing I have every done. Now that I am a knitter and all it doesn't seem so bad. So I guess this is liberating. I was chairwoman for this big fundraiser garden tour in Beverly Hills. Fortune 500 wives on the board and all that B.S. I decided to host a committee meeting and kick it off with party at the gardens. Half cross-eyed at 2am one morning I typed up the invite. I made 2 major errors on the invite “ A Day of Crochet” & “Wear Crochet Whites. ” R.S.V.P. Voicemail messages came in with snickers and giggles. I was mortified! Hey that is what I like about this group. You all would say where and when? I’ll bring my project. As for the party it was a huge success! There were enough of my fun friends in the group that the mix of people was a kick. We had pimms cup and fine food all served to us by men in coat in tails. On the historic estate lawn we played croquet half looped. Everyone forgot about the crochet blunder except for me. Until this day I beat myself up for it! I have now let it go for good to the knitter ~ crochet world. I am healed!


Thank gawd! I thought I was the only one that let the dishes pile high, while I sat and enjoyed endless "interupted" hours of knitting:o)

Your vest is super cute, did you add the motif to the back?

(ooops, sorry about the mistake, I should have caught that for you).


I once listed my home telephone number on the marketing profile for a real estate company. Of course, I noticed it after the large-run printing!


I like your embarrassing story. I did the exact same thing, same word and everything, but it was for a 3rd year university English essay!! I couldn't believe it. I was totally done, and my fiance wanted to take a look at it to see what I was up to. I have never been so glad that he took an interest in what I was doing!


love that soon-to-be-hoodie-vest, how fab is that color with the design you have going on. perfection again!


wow, you're on a roll with those designs! that's a clever way to make some more money to buy yarn, come to think of it. wish i had that kind of creativity...keep up the great work!
btw, are those trees or menoras?


on second thought, i'd feel really bad if the design on the front was neither and it was some sort of abstract creative design you came up with that i'm distorting by association. :(


Keohinani! Those things were supposed to be a take on the tattoos the gals were getting like crazy on their lower backs (the design is on the back, and it aligns with a rib--for a butt crack, heh heh--but then it looked like a menora. So HWWV and I were thinking we'd call it the Menora Hoodie.

I then went and looked up a menora. They have nine places for candles, not seven like my motif, here. Oy! (So it is not a menora after all. It is a just tattoo of some sort.)

Hey! Maybe I can call it the Menora-in-a-Hurry Hoodie!


Love the hoodie vest, can't wait to see what you do with it.

Years ago, a prominent car dealership took out a full page ad on the back page of one of the sections to announce... You got it... A PUBIC SALE


>>Menora-in-a-Hurry Hoodie<<

Heh - You posted while Iwas typing... How about the "Not-Quite-A-Miracle Hoodie?" Or the "Almost-A-Miracle Hoodie?" Or the "Two Candles Short of a Menora Hoodie" OK, that last one was bad. LOL


KatieLiz...you CRACK me up...My husband can't stand this hoodie and I can't figure it out. Maybe it lacks that somethin' somethin'?

Anyhow, I'm thinking we should figure out a name for this sucker, glamorous knit or not! I'm lovin' your not-quite-a-miracle-hoodie!


I like the bulky hoodie thing alot. i had to take a break from the cardigan to knit some bulky legwarmers because i was feeling so insignificant knitting so slow..


"condomints" on a company picnic menu....


"condomints" on a company picnic menu....



I was also thinking it looked like a menorah.

I have to say that on this one, I am with HWWV. I actually think it is the "mini menorah" part that I don't care for....makes it a bit busy. I LOVE the hoodie thing though and I'd probably make this thing.

On the sock front, I figured out the two circs and am a CONVERT!

As for spelling, I used to be in export and did a lot of documentation for the airlines...I had to program my typewriter because I was always sending shipments on Untied Airlines.


Heya I have a question for you! I was thinking about selling a pattern soon myself, and I was wondering how you deal with it. Do we have to pay taxes on it? I guess if a person made less then $600 a year they would not have to right?


As soon as I read the first paragraph, I knew exactly what the mistake was. I work in state government and one of the secretaries here made the same mistake in a brief filed in state supreme court (luckily it wasn't my document), but it was not well received by the powers that be. The hoodie vest is really cute - I'm going to have to try some of that Karabella.


I laughed as soon as I read the first paragraph! I used to be a legislative analyst with the county council and once got a letter from The Dept of Public Works (yes, that department got their name misspelled a LOT) addressed to me with the title, Legislative Analist! hehe!


I have an answer for Pixie. The $600 limit is whether or not a business has to give a 1099 to a person who is not an employee, but does work for them.

According to IRS rules you need to report the income, but you can also expense materials, etc against that income. If you keep track of your time to create the item, and the materials....my guess is that you would come out pretty even in the end.


Your vest is looking super kool! BTW, that spelling thing, I've never done that, nope, not me, never. . . ;)

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